In physics today we watched a movie. No, let me rephrase that. We watched a Television show. The television show in question was one of my most favoritest when I was a kid. Hell, If it was still on I would watch it. That show... Is Bill Nye- The science guy.
Today, I finally figured out the reason that it was so freaking awesome. It was without a doubt, made for those people with ADD. That being most children nowadays, and this was before ADD was so commonly known about. Dont believe me? Go watch it yourself. You will be amused.

Also, in computer tech we have been working with a program called Garage Band. This is an amazing program. It has hundreds... maybe even a thousand, preprogrammed tunes, tones, and the like. There are even instruments you can hook up to it, and then alter it to the instrument sound you want. I feel my explanation doesnt do it justice, but I still feel the same. Strangely, we are supposed to be making a basic song (Bass, drums, guitar and the like), however my main song posseses none of those. Its entirely composed of piano. With a little strings laced in there.

Lets see... half day tomorrow, then no school friday. I will most likely be finishing up the storyline to splinter cell: chaos theory. If anyone says to me, "Why chao theory? Double agent is much better." I will simply say, No. NO.
On that note... I am... how shall we put it. Ninja inclined? Yes, I have taken a greater liking to stealthiness and the like. Hell, Thats all I have really done in my most recent oblivion game. Yeah, sneak attack.

Allright, my right hand is hurting. So I am going to get off now. Cheers!