I've decided giving out easy mods again. I only note that I'm starting to do this but again, it will be at random times so a watch is recomended if you want them.

It's simple. When I posted a journal saying "Free Mods" (OMG a hint to first "contest" >.>) just say why I should give you the mods instead of others.
I plan on giving out a hundred in the end in a period of four journals
(25 mods per journal).

There may be a journal where no one wins, the comment has to be unique and persuasive, not something simple like 'cause I know you personally, your my friend, watch you, known you a long time' etc.
The "contest" on that journal lasts until a new journal is posted. You can leave as many comments as you want but you can't leave two in a row.

May as well give it a shot, got nothing to lose I say.