Gonna list what everyone said and leave a reply in the journal, telling who won in them as well.

smiley9.gif "free mods"
*Almost free, gotta say something good.

smiley9.gif "I've been giving away mods to ppl=
*Then send them this way and it will save you the work of having to mod them.

smiley9.gif "because we go way back, you know bros."
*Didn't read the journal all the way did ya?

smiley9.gif "i need them cause im out and im trying to help some out who needs them like ummm...me and outher people."=
*Send them 'outher' people this way and I'll set you up a appointment somewhere for help if you thought that would win.

smiley9.gif "Because I'm far more capable of expressing my views in an intelligent manner compared to the other idiots on this site. Also, because my incredible knack for typing and the age-level mastery of the english language I have achieved allowed me to give you new material for your site. Material that shoudl give you even more credit as an internet creator." =
*May want to watch your mastery level :) When you say 'other' you can be including yourself among them and count me (the person giving away the mods) and everyone else in as well, depending on how you look at it. I think you should of just used 'the'.
But nonetheless it's what I'm looking for and why you won. Good use of using FL to get me to work with ya in the situation though I must note that I don't think your work will help gain me credit since your name or nickname will be with your work :)

smiley9.gif "Ideserve mods because I give away 30 mods every journal, along with to any one who donates money to"
*I don't see that you deserve something cause you give things away freely. It would almost be like trading things if so. 'Kinda like walking up to a girl, giving her flowers and saying you love her then saying you deserve pussy for it.'

smiley9.gif "Well you shouldent give them to me since PDeath should have them. Mabey. lol"
*Not to sound rude but okay, I won't give them to you.

smiley9.gif "I AM THE CLIT COMMANDO!"
*Well I don't think a commando would really be a commando if he went around yelling he was. I also think commandos know what and most likely where the target is... ohhhh, burn.

smiley9.gif "ME because, my sponsorship is about to run out in 5 days, and i am not allowed to use credit cards over interenet. So i could use them to help me pay others in mod pts to sponsor sponsorship, but only if they offer to do so in a journal or something, because I like free mods because I like what you have to post and respond to it as much as possible."
*Well not enough to say you should win but atleast it has a bit more to lean in on then some of the other *cough*comm *cough*ando *cough* comments. And if your looking for someone to sponor you then I'm one that does for mods and when I have the money. Also check for my contests when I do give out free sponsorships. :)

smiley9.gif "well, u should give me the mods because im the master of all pirates, and thats probably the coolest thing anyone can ever be"
*Why not send your pirrates out and capture the RvB staff and make them give you unlimited mods?

smiley9.gif I'm a ninja and your going to give me mods. Believe it! j/k. I don't think I could make anything funny enough.
*Oh, you would have so won had the person who did had not made their comment. Very clever use of a show I like and it's content. I also think demanding threats are very persuasive, lol. But seriously, you would have won.

smiley9.gif "wow giving away free mods ur to much spec"
*I know.

smiley9.gif cuz yer a smexy beast?
*Maybe if you hadn't questioned your comment. >.>

smiley9.gif "dude- mods would be a great thing to give me because i can make u a free avatar.
and give it to u. "
*Not to be mean but I already have a avatar, lots that I made myself. Also that sounds more like a purchase kinda thing.