At long last I have returned from hybernation. And alot has happened.
I finished that god-forsaken term-paper about "Violent Video Games" and sadly there were no refrences to Jack Thompson as planned (sry JT haters)
My final fantasy sword collection has yet another pice added, Clouds Buster sword. 2 words "Fucking Heavy." I've had it for a few months, still can't use it as well as the hero who first wielded it >_<
Paid off Neverwinter Nights 2 finally, but now i gotta buy a new video card for my computer just 2 play it -_- and that's gonna b $200. Woulda been better off if i paid for FF12 >_<
Started reading the marvelous manga known as "Death Note." for those of you who haven't even heard about it: Imagine having someone die just by writing their name in a notebook ^_^ hehehehe
Before starting on death note i have just finished a book on greek mythology for english class (yes, greek myths in english class lol) All of the Gods in that book are described as immortal sex-crazy superheros on viagra. Zeus, king of teh gods, has like amillion kids and married his sister. As well as other interesting situations but i'll reveal those in a later journal entry.
I have just returned from a High-School play called "Once Upon A Matress," we've all heard that story: A princess sleeps on 20 mattresses with a pea under them. It's the same story, but WAY funnier.

My life and then some here at Shusens Journal ^_^ now time for sleepy-sleepy