Okay, so I'm on my way to work this morning and there was some accident on the freeway. It was a total standstill. After waiting for a bit there's an opening in the next lane, so I go to change lanes. Apperently the semi-truck driver that was in the other lane didn't want me going into that lane, so he floors it and hits me. Before I move on, my car is a Scion tc. It is a bug on the windshield in comparison to this semi-truck. But back to the point, I pull into the breakdown lane, so does the truck driver. I get out and I just wanted to ask him what the hell was that about and get the necessary info. The truck driver gets out and starts freaking out at me, yelling that I shouldn't be driving, I need to look at where I'm going, etc. In my hands I have a pen, a piece of paper, and my cell phone. I write down the guy's plates and call the Highway Patrol. Well, this dude didn't like that and starts yelling in my face again. About 20 minutes later a Highway Patrol officer pulls up. This guy talked to me for about 2 or 3 minutes. He talks to the other guy for about ten. I look over and thier laughing and the CHP officer is patting the truck driver on the shoulder. The most aggravating thing was nothing happened to the psycho truck driver, but I get a warning. I mean there was noticable damage to my car. You could tell that the truck hit me(The truck had a crome bumper my car is a dark blue). I got the CHP officer's card, took the day off, and filed a complaint against the officer. Unfortunately, that's about all I can do. And there's about $600 or something dollars in damages. Lovely way to start off the morning.