Where did everyone go? My last journal only attracted 4 comments including one from me.

My the title of my last journal was from the song Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick. They played it on some TV program and it might have been Grey's Anatomy (I might be completly wrong since I don't watch TV.. I heard this on XM and I THINK thats what they said). The line I paraphrase is: "2am and I'm still awake writing this song". Its kind of a cool song and the chick that sings it has a voice that makes me think she might be really hot... I suppose I will look it up. I was gonna give out 20 mods.. Oh well. LOL

Also: Wii launch is tonight I decided at the last moment I would buy one but I found out Wal-Mart gave out tickets and they were gone already..I will head down there in awhile and make a perfunctory effort to obtain someone elses ticket... Let me know if you manage to snag one. Also: Anyone get a PS3?

EDIT: Oddly I forgot to mention: We (my roommate and I) had an AWESOME party last night:
$130 worth of liquor
A hard drive with almost a YEAR of music with no repeats on it (No.. I would never have that much music myself.. I bought the HD with the music already on it off a friend)
The music comes though the 360 with 5.1 channel surround sound (700w) and a visualization covering the whole wall from a projector.
4 computer monitors in the main room all looping different awesome videos
and of course people: 25+ people in our smallish house... About half of them were chcks and I only knew a few of them.. All of them were cool people to varying degrees.