Heres the deal:
I am bored so I want to know what everyone has in their music players (BTW I don't us an iPod. I use a Zune and a Pocket PC/smartphone). Tell everyone what you are listening to by listing it here and review other peoples playlists and recommend other songs they might like. Since most people have more music then they would feel like listing just list as many as you feel like. I will start off with my list from my favorite playlist which I have named "w00t":

Anthem by Good Charlette (a new favorite)
2AM by Anna Nalick (another somewhat new favorite.. And she is super hot)
Touch of Grey by the Greatful Dead (I have listened to this like a million times but I still love it)
All Star by Smash mouth (I some how deleted this one for awhile and had to redownload it)
The Waiting by Tom Petty
Shook Me All Night Long by The Greatful Dead (the Greatful Dead is a hardcore name)
Float On by Modest Mouse
American Idiot by Green Day
Teach Your Children by Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Runnign Down a Dream by Tom Petty
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel
Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms (Found out about this from a mopy co-worker.. This is like his theme song)
Its All About the Pentiums by Wierd Al
Amish Paradise by Wierd Al
Eat the Rich by Aerosmith
You May Be Right by Billy Joel
For What Its Worth by Buffalo Springfield
Mrs. Robinson by Paul Simon
1985 by Bowling for Soup (I recently decided I like these guys.. Now I REALLY like them)
Revolution by the Beatles but if you didn't know that you are pobably a zombie anyway.