I have ten minutes to write a journal.

I don't think it is obvious, hopefully, but my average journal here at RvB probably takes an hour to compose, once you add in all the corrections and formatting and linking and images and photoshopping and time spent watching cartoons about pigs because I couldn't remember the exact spelling of onomatopoeia and did a google search of "word sounds like sound oink".

Then of course I post and there are at least 7 minutes of agonizing editing as I realize that I accidently misspelled "pharmacy" with an "f" or some such and then decide to take out the vitriolic paragraph about how I was annoyed by a carload of teenage guys that insisted on giving me the finger because I honked at them when they decided to stop in the middle of the road to leer at a pretty girl. Like on a 50mph road.... just stopped on a dime. Jerks.

Because I don't want to alienate the kids...

And then I have to remove the photoshopped weird picture I did because I think, "OMG, what if one of my old patients saw that and they recognized me. That would really be embarrassing."

You know, I try to be circumspect about that sort of thing.

But tonight I just turned over some fishsticks and I have ten minutes.

What to talk about?

Okay. I have something.

You know how when you rub your eyes and you see little flashes of light? THat is one of many weird things that happen in your eyes collectively called "entopic phenomenon". Basically, "weird things you see that aren't from and image coming in the regular way." I've mentioned before that your retina is lined with nerves that can basically sense light/dark and color (and their positioning and cross-talk tell you about contrast and movement). But you don't have pain receptors in your retina. Just these light nerves. So, when you rub your eyes and see those little flashes, you are stimulating those nerves and seeing flashes.

Yeah... ever since I learned about this I never rub my eyes hard either. Yikes.

Okay, fish sticks are done.

World record journal!

*high five*

Today's vocabulary words