Okay so, I paintball almost every Sunday with some people I know. We found this great spot out in the desert by one dude's house so we decided to go there. One catch, it was an Indian reservation and there were no trespassing signs at the dead end where we'd egt to tthe sopt. we figured, no one would ever catch us, right? WRONG! some retard reported that they saw a car driving over there (it was the guy who showed up late) so a cop dude was sent over to check it out. the retard though we were dumping, but we were just having fun. So, the cop shows up in his truck and talks to us about what he COULD do, but he let us get off with the smallest punishment. Since we weren't dumping, or vandalating something, he let us go with a citation thing but he said if he caught us out there again, we'd get the big bad side to the law, confiscation of our paintball gear and our cars towed. He went into some other stuff and then he let us go, but the second car got stuck and the cop was nice enough to have pulled it out og the foor deep powder dirt crap, free of charge.
The citation is only going to be about 25 bucks, but were going to have to find a new spot to play. That's the bummer part of the situation.