So, I have this glorious computer that I want to marry and have babies with... along with the 360 of course (and possibly the Wii) ...I mean, I am getting no sleep because I am up every night until 4am writing music... with 50 tracks and no stutters. Glorious.


Lauren AKA OboeCrazy just sent me a movie file to do some special effects editing in and she sent me a MPEG-4 which historically I've never had luck using with my Mac software. So I asked for an .AVI which at some point I was magically able to start using in Motion 2 back when we were making River Styx 2.

Since I've moved to the Mac Pro with its Super Duper Intel guts now all I get when I go to look at the AVI file is a white screen.

And now my old Powerbook won't open the AVI as it says I need something new for my Quicktime Pro... although I have everything that is on the stupid site. And DivX for Web refuses to look at it.

I can open the MPEG-4 on my old Powerbook with Quicktime Pro. On the MacPro I can open the MPEG-4 with DivxPro and RealPlayer but not QuickTimePro. And the DivX Converter won't touch the MPEG-4. And Flip4Mac is in some sort of catatonic coma. I've also tried something called "VLC" which had a icon that looked like a orange road cone... which also didn't work.

Nothing opens the AVI file she has uploaded at her website as anything but a white screen. I don't know if there is sound because the clip has no audio.

I've tried shutting everything down and restarting and rebooting and erasing the caches and all that stuff. I've got the updates and have registered (paid for) versions of all these programs and none work... Very annoying!

I COULD just refilm the MPEG-4 with my SnapzPro (which works like a champ on the MacPro and is what Spyton is using for his WoW machinima) but I hate to do it since the original film Lauren shot is so loverly.


I need to get back to what's really important. You know, taking photos of action figures, or sewing hats for my pets!


For everyone who either can't help me or lost interest after the second sentence, here are the links to the complete recipe for an entire Thanksgiving meal. Just in case you realized only now that you have to do Thanksgiving and don't know what you'll need to buy at the grocery store.

Mashed Potatoes
Pie Peas Rolls Drinks <--Yes, I am lazy

Ummmm..... and here is Mazha's Annual Thanksgiving message of Peace and Love:

Today's Vocabulary List
Snapz Pro X <---Worth every penny
Motion 2 <--Also wonderful, but best to have your parents buy you as a holiday gift as it is $$$. Thanks, Dad!

PS: I thought today's RT Comic was great. Let's all burn together!!!