You folks obviously dont realize I was being sarcastic about my "cousin". Jesus H. Christ. SARCASM!!

Anyway, watching some TV and watching my cousin cutting a turkey. She already fized two, and another lage one tomorrow. We will be having a total of 23 people in the house. and 4 dogs. Thats a lot of things walking hither and thither...

We went shopping at a local mall, and I managed to score a few christmas gifts. A Tom Brady jersey ( wich was actually a awesom version, and apparentyl uber authentic, and a Tedy Bruschi replica jersy, both for just $150. Not too bad. Add that to the 360, the trip in May, and a few other things, I think Im doing pretty good. We also picked up the new Splinter Cell book (name which I just forgot...)

Anyhoo, no more updates from me. Hope ya'll are having a good day. I am ;)