Raisins and eggnog and whiskers on chickens
Farscape and root beer and black spiky kittens
Homestar, Church, Tycho and Buffalo wings
These are a few of my favorite things!


Thanks to everyone who helped with our video problems. I've got one of the edits (the AVI file) done and the other one turned out to be a MPEG-2 file, not an MPEG-4... which as Mac folks know requires a separate reader... which is weird. Whatever.

Our Thanksgiving was marked by a phone call from my liberal cousin Jack in New York who announced that he and his wife are expecting, and my baby sister (she's 28) and her GoogleMac genius hubby also announced they are also expecting. Babies! Spyton has been the only grandchild in the family (on both sides) for far too long. Seriously, birthdays and holidays (and we celebrate Hannukah AND Christmas) were, as the saying goes, "an embarrassment of riches" for him. Yuck. A few years ago I had to make the rule that all gifts to Spyton had to fit in a shoebox. Now he will know the true joy of being the way older kid who gets to babysit at family gathering.

I'm gonna be an aunt! Yippee! I want to be the crazy eccentric aunt that Jan is worried she will end up looking exactly like!
(And if you know what I'm talking about, you are old as dirt like me, ha!)

Meanwhile, Spyton is hard at work at his WoW machinima, and I've had to puppet for one or two shots... I've been so busy I really haven't played much WoW. it lost a lot of its charm for me once I got high enough level to stealth around most of all the maps. For me the fun was opening up the maps. And fishing. And making money in the Auction House buying low and selling high. I'm weird. With the MacPro the images are so gorgeous, and the picture so smooth I have to admit that yesterday after I got home from Thanksgiving I did end up running around on WoW for something like 7 hours straight just saying "OoOOooOooh & AhhhhHhhHh!. I was up 'til 4am... and today paid for it with a massive migraine. I am a bad person. I have SO MUCH WORK to do! But I finally got to level 53. I was level 52 for like 4 months. Wee. But look how pretty!


...and that is just a teeny piece if the capture. So nice. Ah well. The thing that gets me is that I figured out that with the monthly subscription we've spent like $600 on WoW.... which is completely insane. But the monthly charge is low so you don't realize it is slowly sucking away your cash. It's a lucky thing I don't smoke or drink or need to pay for gigolos or anything, because I would never be able to pay for that AND World of Warcraft. Sheesh.

Oh, and here is a picture I found in my files of a fashion show from Beijing where the models were wearing meat. It reminds me a bit of Monty Python's "Being eaten by a crocodile competition."

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