Everyone put up pictures. I hate having a bunch of n00bs on my friends list.

Well on a different note I just had my birthday party today I only had two friends over but It was still fun. I bought a new Xbox controller with some money I worked for (That's right I am not as lazy as YOU!!!). My Mom made the coolest cake!!! Its an Xbox!!! I'll post some pictures later (after I scan them). My B-Day is on the 15th but I diden't want it then (stupid school) There are a lot of (these) in this entry. Precto hurry up with that .gif or at least tell me you'll make it.

I had some time to explore MS paint and if you combine that with bordem you get this....
(^ That one not done)
(^ not finished)

AM I BORED OR WHAT?!?!?!?! TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!



If you download Halo CE or Halo 2 CE do you still grt to play the normal one? HELP ME!!!

~This journal entry was done entirely by Tommy Swetnika and his sad life....