Nice to be home. 10 hour drives are usually not enjoyable. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1, and the Sentinel, which was pretty good. Looking forward to watching it on the big screen.

I've been on eBay a lot recently, buying stuff. Like, Vietnam Death Cards, Cadillac Escalade keychains, and currently bidding on a Zune. These things are the balls. Defenitely need to save some money to get one after Christmas. Cant (read:wont) ask for one, becasue Im getting GoW and a 360. And a lot more....

Need to clean the caddy, actually. Its a damn mess. Between crap, vomit, shit, and trash, its a mess! One of my sisters contsantly threw up, and I was sitting in front of her. Each time, I held her forhead and held the bag. Im such a good brother smiley0.gif

And, then, when she threw up in Wendy's, it was pretty disgusting. Plaine, white, clear stuff, exploding out of her mouth, all over her food, my dads food, my other sister's food, and the floor. Nice.

Got a nice, cool looking bullet-belt. Its just for show, though, with real, non-live 30-06 rounds in it. Not too shabby. My order should arrive soon, hopefully...

So, how was all your weekends? Vomit free?

EDIT Tomii, I was thinking of you most of the time during the vomiting. Always busting your danglies about cleaning up puke, and here I was, doing the same. Damn you, Karma!