So there's this famous case of litigation where a guy sued George Harrison (one of the Beatles, a famous pop band from the 1960s, for you young people) for a song called "My Sweet Lord" because he said George plagiarized the tune from his song "He's So Fine". The guy won some portion of the suit... I don't know what the settlement was... but the point is, you have to be careful about ripping off other people's work.

The thing is, there are only 12... well, 11 notes in a Western scale. I think it is pretty darn amazing we've got such a variety of tunes that we do! And in pop music there are a limited number of chord changes that are generally used, (which is good for the Mash-Up artists) but all the songs are starting to sound the same to me. (Ya rotten kids! Now get off my lawn!)

Today Spyton was playing Oblivion, and is it just me, or is the main title music for Oblivion the exact same music as the main theme from Pirates of the Carribean, give or take a few eighth note rhythms here and there?

Ah well. It is a great tune, so who cares? I mean, other than whoever was the first guy/gal to write the tune? *cringe*

At least that is better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which p***es me off... (to digress for a moment) because if you listen to the opening music from that, there is no actual tune. It sounds like whoever was the composer for the score to that game just bought a library of "Cinematic Orchestral Hooks" and strung them together randomly. It is really annoying because in a few places it ALMOST sounds like there might be a tune.. but no. It is such a tease. Gah.

The music is what drew me to Halo originally... we'd leave it on Demo mode and pump it through the stereo and play it while I did housework, lol. Also, the soundtrack to Xena is what got me into that show. I guess I'm a sucker for good soundtrack. Huh.

I hope game developers make an effort to get some decent composers for their games in the future.

Okay. i'm done. And I assume you skipped down anyway to the comic. This took me a while because I had to resize the screens for EH and Chuck. Please note that I have the most evil possible music I could think of in Higgins's iTunes. He is so black-hearted!!!


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Today's Vocabulary Words
The Beatles <--I was horrified the first time my baby sister asked who they were. Last week Spyton asked who Mick Jagger was. I am so friggin' old.
Sir Mick Jagger <--Not a Beatle. He is in a different old group called the Rolling Stones. And strangely, a knight. Weird.
The Rolling Stones <---Also a book by Robert Heinlein