I guess one can call this a vent. As I mentioned however breifly last night, I had the middle of the inside of my nose straightened, and I had my sinus cavities cracked into and suctioned dry in the culmination of that endless battle with the sinusitis I picked up back at the apartment with Mike. I should submit a bill to my ex-slumlord, but that's getting out of the way here.

I was told I should take a minimum of a week to two weeks off, it's major surgery without scarring, but major surgery that's easy to forget was major surgery. Still, I was on bed rest for three days straight. I should have stayed in bed further, and did at points where I felt any pressure. Long and short of it: so far this has sucked, expectedly, like most surgeries do.

I have/more like had this partner in crime Vicki. Who was the most responsible person I knew, she had a get it done, get it done now attitude, she was bubbly and forward. Enter the penis. Not to be curt, but girls get stupid when a phalis comes into the picture. The guy was a friend of hers for years. She took out a huge loan and took care of him, cooinciding with the planning of her sister's wedding. She's with him for what seems like forever, the whole time she bitches. Dumps him ultimately because she feels like he's using her for her car and sex.

Six months later she asks Rob and me should they get back together. With two tactful but resounding no's, we hear nothing about it. Till she comes to us the monday of the next work week to tell us that he dumped her.

Um.. wait, when did you get back together?

She begged him to take her back, 24 hours later, he ditched her.

So, Rob's out of work all of last week, taking care of me. She calls me on Saturday morning, maybe. Asking me how to get Plan B. Not "How are you?" "How was the surgery?" "Are you alright?" "Do you need anything?" She had an oops, and I'm not to tell my boyfriend, WHO'S IN THE ROOM WITH ME, WHO CLEARLY OVER HEARD.

Rob comes to work today, she asks "Did you transfer that money into my account?" He borrowed all of $10 from her the week before last, and she gets indignant about it. NOT LIKE WE DIDN'T GET PAID, RIGHT. I'm not saying she should ask him about my surgery, but you can, you know, say hi to him. Remember he's there. That he's supposedly a friend too, right?

Rob kind of sighs and thanks every available diety that I have "new friends". (I'll qualify that by saying I grew up with the younger siblings of one, and the other I met junior year. We all lived not five miles from each other.) Friends who are responsible--one has a Doctorate, one's in Grad School and just passed her MTEL, I think..the teaching certificate?

Getting this out, can I ask: Is it too late for an intervention? Is this one sounding beyond help? She never used to be like this. ._.