Okay, I mentioned in my journal yesterday the issue of songs that sound the same...

-I brought up the hooks of "Theme from Oblivion" and the "Theme from Pirates of the Carribean"
-Digital Dren made a video comparing "Quake II" and "Heavy" by Collective Soul... lol.
-VertigoX commented:"There are some songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers that have some guitar rift tie-ins with Sweet Home Alabama"
-Stonesword mentioned "Now between "Ghostbusters" and "I want a new Drug"..."

I have another one: Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery" and Nina Gordon's "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" Two songs I really like... and frequently sing on top of each other. LOL.

So, c'mon. Let's have some more. I got some mod points left over. BTW, I don't mind links to YouTube videos, but NO LINKS TO DOWNLOADS! *Hopefully that goes without saying*

And for those of you with a desire for a really insane desktop background, here are the desktops I made for my HAFT screens... (Mod points also to the first person to correctly identify the evil satellite.)

...and here is my desktop. I like it because there is a lot of black in it. smiley8.gif

By the way, I know my journals have been teh suck these last two weeks... I've been so frelling busy... if there were only more hours in the day! Ah crap, in fact! I'm late for an appointment. Umm.. Vocabulary words, vocabulary words.. uh... uh... okay... let's see. I'm looking at Sparky trying to get inspired.... okay:

Today's Vocabulary Words
recidivism... um...
mendacious uh... frell, I can't think of anything...
incontinent and ... um errr.....

Okay, gotta run! Wait, gotta put on pants. Then run! Ta!