So.. things are on the downturn but not yet critical.. we're getting there, but not yet. Well, the healing thing is working out so far, except I'm getting bloody snotty post-nasal drip which is pretty putrid in color and oscellates from coming out of my mouth looking a lot like an abortion, and sticking back in my head giving me a piercing headache. The good news is it's not as bad as it could be, and I'm seeing the doc on Monday so we'll see how the recovery really is.

Details emerge in the fact my roommate decided to give us all of two weeks notice that she's leaving. Deb and I sat down, talked bills (UGH.) and the conversation she had with Shannan. She told Deb on the 17th she'd be leaving by the 1st. Not of January, but December. And that she wouldn't be taking Felix with her.

I love Felix, but I can't personally afford to take care of him. Anyone in the Boston area want an elderly cat who loves attention, but not other animals so much, please help me. He's a darling, he's the sweetest cat you'd have--he just hates other cats. We have two and he needs more attention than we can give a lot of the time. Email me if you know anyone at all, Grandpa cat needs love, a good home and a lot of attention.

Back from that, well.. Deb seemed pretty betrayed by what Shannan told her, understandably so. I'm pretty miffed. From the sounds of it it's not so much Shannan's mom's sick, it's more she and her girlfriend can live there cheap, free and collect money to buy a house. And it was pretty guilt free, all in all, for her at least. We still have bills to argue with, we're going to tape up some windows in conservation efforts. We're canabalizing the furniture she's leaving--as well we have every right to, really.

Money's EXCEEDINGLY tight. I'm kind of trying not to freak out. Then when I calm, I'll try and make sense of the bills. The end of January looks to be a good recovery date, but with all that's been going on apartment-wise, I may have to save rather than pay off bills. And.. you know.. I wanted to start school. I have some serious number crunching, and a possible second job to get or I'm up shit's crick.

It's alright, I'm not drowning yet. And while it's crumbling some and looking mighty ugly, what's mine is mine. I wanted it, I have it. Now's the time to make the best of it.