I am making a new account and will no longer respond to an comments etc on this account... Why not delete it? Well my sponsorship just renewed and I still want to be able to download high res videos. I will delete this account when the sponsorship is getting close to expiring (and sponsor on my new account). Hobbie: If you can tranfer my sponsorship please do it and delete this account.


I am getting rid of this account. It will still be here but only for downloading vids because the sponsorship just renewed. When my sponsorship nears expiration I wll delete this an sponsor my new account.

Because I am rather random.. I just want to start from scatch with a new account.. New username etc.

What is to become of all those wonderful MODS?!
You could get them! Every last one (251 atm) will be given out in this journal before midnight tonight my time... Meaning within the next 2 hours.

Awesome.. Give them to me!
That is not a question... But I will give 200 of them to the person who chooses the coolest username for my new account. Tell all your friends ASAP.. Remember all bets are off in 2 hours. The other 50+will be distributed as I see fit probably to people commenting here.

Can I still be your friend?
Yes! I will use this oppertunity to trim my friends list.. So no one except to very coolest people will be added by me.. Add me if you would like to remain my friend... if you are not added by me do not take offense only the VERY VERY coolest 3-5 will be manually added.

Will you still respond to posts on this account?
No. Site rules do not allow more than one account per user.. I am going to have two for reasons of this sponsorship but to be as close to complience as possible all pictures, info and journals except this one will be deleted. I will not read or respond to ANYONES comments here after the new account is created.

I am 2% away from level 42.. My last act on this acount will be leveling up from giving out tons of mods.. Kind of cool huh? Also any help with my new account and I will be greatful!

EDIT: Deleting all those journals turned out to be a pain in the ass so would a mod please delete them when you see this? (every one except this)