Yes it has. Is been a couple months now since i've actually posted a new journal, and frankly, im disgusted with myself. RvB is once of the best sites on the web and i feel that i've completely abandoned it... well not anymore... hopfully.

Quite a few things have been happenin in life as of late. Formost, i got a laptop which im lovin lol i've been wanting one forever and now finally its in my hands. Next, ive gotten back into World of Warcraft. Finally, girls are the most confusing thing i feel ill ever have to deal with in my life... lol long story!

Anywho, if anyone reads these, which idk cause i havnt posted one in a long long time, hope to expect more of them more often and with some neat stuff. Im working on a secret project that should be up online hopefully within a month or two, so look forward to it.

Now im off to get some much needed sleep that i havnt gotten all week... oh and did i mention i have finals this week GAH, someone kill me!