In regards to the Rooster Teeth comics,


I hate the fucking things. I don't even use this site for anything other than to check up on a few friends, and I'm greated with some unfunny and bland piece of shit comic? Then going into the comments, everyone is like 'oh wow thats awesome', when it clearly fucking isn't. What do people expect when you say that? Do you think the fucking staff are gonna love you long time now? Jesus fucking Christ, get an opinion, and stop wondering where you're next modpoint is coming from.

It's nice to see not everyone is like that.

In reply to Default101,:


Your right to say you and others have an opinion but if your going to make your opinion clear at least have it make some fucking sense. So allow me to retort.
I'm greated with some unfunny and bland piece of shit comic

Well why the Hell are you reading them if your hate them so much you dumb fuck? It's not like Rooster Teeth is shoving these comics down your throat, spamming you or whatever, they are simply posting them onto they're website's front page for the people who do actually enjoy them. Now everyone doesn't have to like the comics and I'm sure Rooster Teeth is aware of this and they probably assumed that those who dislike the comics would simply not read them and continue on throughout the site. Unfortunately people like you have to freak out every time you see a comic you don't like, spaz out about it in your journal entry, and put up pictures expressing even more how much you "hate" them just because you can't get your way and have them discontinued, it's pathetic. I definitely don't mind you expressing your thoughts in your journal calmly and with reasoning just don't take advantage of your right to free speech and make a complete ass of yourself on this site please.

Anyway in my opinion the comics, of course, are not the funniest comics on the web to be honest they're pretty plain. But I still enjoy them, and I still read every new one, for two reasons I simply enjoy reading them cause they may not make me laugh out loud, like that guy is demanding, but I do find them humorous and they also keep me from going a little crazy waiting for the new Red vs. Blue episode.

So yeah there's my opinion, take it or leave it.