I'm still wiped out, as I was up the majority of the night walking around the neighborhood looking for Mazha. She's fine. What a dope. (I'm not sure if I mean her, or me.)

I forgot to mention that at the rehearsal last night they had a student dance company there also performing with the Evanston Symphony. The kids did a nice job, but I was particularly impressed by one girl who looked to be about 5'9", 130lbs, with defined muscles within the normal values of a young woman... these kids looked to be between 16-24. (I'm sorry, everyone in that range looks the same to me). All the other girls were teeny tiny emaciated, flat-chested girls... one girl's elbows were thicker than her biceps.


Now, I understand the practical reasons why you can't have a ballerina that is taller than the male dancer whose main job is to pick her up and hold her in the air... but... yikes. Some of the other girls looked so painfully thin. And none were wearing bras... so when the normal girl bounced up and down daintily... there was a lot of bouncing.

Which, correct me if I am wrong here, I think a lot of men would find that very enjoyable to watch.

I would expect that the group probably would have been happier without her, but to be honest, she was the most graceful one in the group. I'd bet she'd have had a shot at a lead role if she hadn't been 3 inches taller than the lone boy in the group.

I think as a society we should prefer, nay, demand that our dancers be muscular, well-fed and, when appropriate, appropriately bouncy. I believe the era of the anorexic ballerina should go the way of the castrati (castrated male vocalists) or the um... okay, I can't think of anything more severe than having your nuts whacked off so you can sing high notes. But starving yourself out of your menstrual cycle is the female equivalent... hormonally speaking.

As a side benefit to womankind, the male dancers required to heave these Amazonian ballerinas into the air would therefore have to be 6'4" linebackers rippling with muscle. And after watching the Bears game on Sunday, I can assure you that ticket sales to ballets would dramatically increase in the female demographic if they could see more of those kind of guys in form-hugging leotards.

I haven't watched football in a while, but the uniforms just keep getting tighter and shinier every year... it's almost getting embarrassing to watch!

I'm just saying... I mentioned Gene Kelly and his hang time earlier... and you kids might not remember Mikhail Baryshnikov... but there was an athletic dancer who the ladies went bananas for. These weren't little scrawny guys. They were solid. Like Gene, Mikhail would jump in the air and just HANG THERE. The way Michael Jordan would, you know, or Walter Payton used to.

Walter Payton?

*rolls eyes*

Today's aside for whippersnappers: Back when I was one of those 16-to-24-year-olds, Walter Payton was a running back that played for the Chicago Bears... they called him "Sweetness" for many reasons, one being that instead of dodging around people trying to tackle him, he would jump OVER them.
I miss Walter Payton. He died young. And if he'd been a girl, he'd have been an awesome ballerina.


And since I mention the 1985 Chicago Bears to you guys, I HAVE to link to the most infamous thing they did that year, which was to record a "Rap Video" before they won the Superbowl. They were so awesome in that game, even the guy nicknamed "The Fridge" got a touchdown. But they weren't very good rap artists. Or dancers. Especially the white dudes. *cringe* But we didn't care. We loved those guys.

It goes without saying that every radio station played "The Superbowl Shuffle" non-stop for months. We couldn't get enough of it.

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Walter Payton