I'm fascinated by the poisoning of that former Russian spy. It's a horrible event for a person to suffer, but.. dude it was RADIOACTIVE poisoning. This is a total throwback to the fears of the 50's, the inspiration for Bond villans of yore and the like. The concept of the irradiated person evokes this scifi vibe for me, the likes of which make me want a to put a pen to paper--but I feel a tinge of guilt in geeking out on tragedy. His wife has suffered exposure, as does a defense minister from Italy whom he was talking to before he effectively fell ill. Then there're all the British Airway planes getting scrubbed, and being isolated from too much news about this, I can only picture the pandemonium of people who were anywhere NEAR these planes. Not that I enjoy pandemonium, but if you like zombie films, it makes you think a little. Or.. if you see too many movies in general.

Oh, and I really enjoyed Daniel Craig as Bond by a lot. He was far superior to Brosnan, because he added soul to it and didn;t seem to be hiding a small penis behind glittery shiny gadgets.

I'm not too sure what I'm going on about, but I hope to see some explosions soon. Or, I could always look at the shots from Danvers MA's ink plant asplosion. (Which looks like a freaking bombsite, I reccomend checking it out--not a SOUL was injured, though you can see some serious crap happening to the houses around it. They had three federal agencies parusing the area to make sure it was inhabitable and less than intoxicated.)

Loosely related, i-am-bored.com linked pictures of people running around Chernobyl and taking pictures of the abandoned city. Here they is! I realize I have some morbid interests, sorry if this came out of left field for you! I'm into that entire Urban Exploration stuff. If you've got interest, I know some pretty neat pages for all your dangerious places viewing needs. I'm still afraid to climb into an abandoned building, or the reminants of an amusement park (God those are creepy!) but I'm hoping to obtain the balls one day.