For those of you that might have missed it over the weekend, Lauren AKA OboeCrazy wrote, directed, and edited an awesome Halo music video to the song "Bank Job" by BNL that was featured on on Saturday. Woot!

This video was totally Lauren's creation - she's so clever! I'm particularly impressed with the great camera control she has in her shots. And, thanks to all the folks here who helped me convert those AVI and MPEG files, I was able to do two very brief special effects for the video, so I get to say I helped! Wee! The two shots go by quickly; see if you can spot them. She's got a shot near the end which is not what I'd consider a special effect, but is very cool, that was filmed live; she wrote a journal about the trouble she had getting it. You'll know it when you see it if you are familiar with the map on Zanzibar. And wait 'til you see what is waiting for the bank robbers in the bank. ROFLMAO! (Or as Spyton would say, ROFL-copter!)

Okay, go watch the video (links are at the HBO article and/or at her post, or you can see the lower res version at YouTube here), and then tell Lauren how awesome she is!

Now! Go now!

PS: Spyton and I did get a chance to act in this video too. Spyton is a better puppeteer than I am. Watch for his gripping performance as "Policeman #3".

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