Halo 3 Wish List....From: Howstuffworks.com (I just have it here to get the word around, You know give Bungie more assentive)

A recent Seattle Post-Intelligencer article reports that Microsoft is hiring scores of new artists and programmers to double the size of the Bungie Studios staff. CVG speculates that the hiring frenzy is a move to make Halo 3 a launch title for the Xenon, the next Xbox.
That would put Halo 3 in our hot little hands as early as this November. I'm not going to lie: I have mixed feelings about that. Right now, I'm playing through the Halo 2 campaign again on Legendary, and I have to tell you, it's as fresh as the first day. It even still has that new game smell.

All this Halo 3 talk does have me thinking, though: If I ruled the universe, what would I cram into Halo 3? So I took the time to compose this little wish list for your consideration.

Weapons: Offense

Combat Knife
There were more than a few moments in Halos 1 and 2 when a dynamic melee weapon would have been nice. I'm thinking three attacks: melee button for a slash attack, right trigger for a stab, and, if the opponent's back is turned and you target them, a stealthy, one-hit kill. halo-wish-list-7.jpg

Bungie has been talking about a flamethrower for a while. I understand that they don't want to put a flamethrower in the game until they can do it right. Here's hoping that Xenon has what it takes to let us barbeque some Covies. halo-wish-list-6.jpg

Weapons: Defense

Jackal Shields
Me wanty!!!! Imagine charging into battle with a Jackal shield. Sweet.
The shields should work like a dual-wielding weapon -- you should be able to hold it and fire a second weapon. By pulling the right trigger once, you would turn the shield on. Pull it again, and you would turn the shield off. You should be able to move the shield in the same way you would aim any weapon, so you could deflect incoming fire from different angles. Once the shield turns on, it would have a limited charge that would gradually deplete (taking hits would deplete it more quickly). You should also be able to give someone a charged melee attack by whomping them with the shield.

I want Halo 3 to integrate more tricky explosives and traps. Remote and proximity detonated explosives, sentry guns, and mines could add a whole new element to both the multiplayer and campaign modes. You could set mines by aiming at the desired spot and pulling the right trigger. The same system could be used for sentry guns. Remote detonators could be set the same way, but detonated with an additional pull of the trigger.
Sure, none of these things are groundbreaking new ideas for an FPS, but it seems like they are long overdue in the mother-of-all console shooters. A little minefield around your base would be nice in capture the flag. You could get really sneaky -- imagine watching enemies blown to bits when they try to board a vehicle you tricked out with a proximity mine. Surprise!