Is that the time!?!
Apparently I have been away from here for a month!
Quick! What are the new trends! Is this even still cool!?!

Anyway, I can account for the lost time, lets take a nice walk down memory lane.
First, after Splinter cell, I searched for a game to sate my cravings. That game became Kingdom hearts 2. I played that until Thanksgiving weekend where I was away for 3 days. When I got back... I cant remember what I did. All I know is that it summed up in me playing Final Fantasy X for a nice amount of time. Then I just abruptly didnt play it for the longest time for 8-bit Theater. read it twice of course for good measure. After that, I started a new game of FF tactics for the advance. havent played that since yesterday for some reason. Finally today!!! Well not much to say about that....

Also, I checked and apparently my D&D class is a Chaotic Evil Elf Mage Thief. Interesting... the test is in my about section.

I was just reading burnies journal (Not really sure why), and thought of something. In the world of economics you have the federal reserve. They make it so that there is the same of money in the economy to avoid inflation. However, if they feel they there is too much money they sell some bonds or what not, and take that money into the vaults of eternal doom. (If they want to put more money into the economy they just buy the bonds back) I was thinking, that all those people who, For some unknown reason, mod a staff. Wouldnt thusly those mods never see the light of day again?
The answer is no, because now ,since there are so many people, mods have become basically the Deutschmark after The war. Next to worthless. It reminds of one of the hitchhiker series books, where a group of stranded people decided to make lea ves the form of currency thus making them all insanely rich. Now, I think any reasonably sane person would understand how horrible that notion is.

SO, In summary to my rant. I feel we should start over, and make mods a form of currency. And control them. otherwise you have thousands of level 45, 13 year olds. I mean, If everyone starts with 25, then OF COURSE people will abuse that and make Many multiple accounts to level themselves up.

God I am over stimulated, I need my juice box.