Come on, everyones doing it! Well, not realy, but I was just going to give you all my analysis on the Halo 3 ad. Unfortunately, my PC is being evl and I cant get pics, so I'll just use a time frame process.

00:00 - 00:16 - Two Children discuss the extraterrestrial, and how they'd like to meet them. I agree w/ Burnie on this: Its John and Cortana (as he would imagine her as human) as kids. But, this whole scene is a hullucination from the blast the Chief sustained. Hence the helmet on the ground.

00:16- 00:27 - You hear the kids voices become shrill, screamlike noise of a missle, and then the resulting explosion.
First look at helmet, which turned from new, non-damaged, into the brownish, scarred, well-worn headgear, and the grassy plain turnes to desert. Missles streak accross the sky, and the Cheif puts a hand to his face, bloking the light, and he spots his helmet again, puts it on.

00:27-00:32 - Camera pans around Chief, showcasing his new armor, and the new Assault Rifle. Damaged 'Hog nearby. The indistict noises are becoming clearer

00:32 - 00:40 - Marines voices, and Chief slings his AR on his back. You can see a pistol on his left Hip. Wraith mortars are filling the sky.

Marine - Marines, pull out, NOW!
Other Marine - Any sign of the Chief?
Marine - Negative, I think we lost him

Chief - Not Yet

00:40 - 00:43 - Chief watches the Wraith's plasma mortars fly at him ( you can see them in his visor), arms his new Shield Grenade, and is seen holding the Magnum Pistol from Halo 2, and as the grenade is activated, you catch a glimps of the new vehicle, a broken/damaged Mongoose.

00:43 - 00:50 - Mortar hits the shiled, and the Chief stands, unslings his AR, and charges through dust, and is seen approaching the ledge of a cliff.

00:50 - 00:52 - Chief jumps off ledge, into a crowd of Covenant, including approx. 7 Wraiths, and approx 14 Covenant, who look like Brutes, but could possible be the new species that Bunge talked about.

00:52-00:53 - Cheif lands on camera, in the crowd of Covenant, "Halo 3" appears.

00:53 - 00:54 - "Finish The Fight" appears, and the rest is typical gmae ad stuff

00:54 - 01:00 - Sit in awe, piss the sofa

Ad can be found HERE at the top of the page.

The Cheif's armor looks like it's been through Hell and back agian. Oh, wait, he has...

Trust me, that ad looks spectacular on my 1080i 42 in. Holy Crap, did it look good. Too bad the ad wasnt HD...

Oh, and I already signed up for Halo 3 Beta version. You can do so HERE

Well, thats my $0.02. If I've missed anything, please feel free to inform me. Im not perfect...well, not totally smiley8.gif