So it has been requested of me to Update my Journal. That's fine, have nothing else to do. Let's see. Friday the 11th of March was my 14 month step into the relationship with my girl and it still keeps going and it's freaking awesome. Became a sponsor to RedvsBlue, so let's hope the gift they give at the end is good, or else!

Helped with the production of a Machinima movie called "The Harvest" which was a pretty slick movie of a little over 32 minutes long. Done by Blood Signatures and the Great CrossFire. WOOH! Totally charges you up when you are apart of something awesome that everyone can see. School. Almost done, Around 3 weeks left before Exams, so it's cramming time! WOOH! Anyways, I don't like school so we are gonna shift gears and change subject.

I suddenly developped a great appeal for writing Machinima Scripts for myself, and for other people. I think I could sell it off and get a little credit. Other scripts I will try and produce in the summer if I have some time in the nights. Chances are, I won't. Stupid work.

Shifting gears again! WORK! Best day ever happened yesterday. Since it's March Break, alot of people are gone, and so I was guarding the Leisure swim with my Friends Scott and Mitch, and there was only 5 other kids in the pool, so we decided to have fun. We took several floating mats, and put the guard chair on them to create a Floating Guard Chair Island. Sure we did stupid stuff like dive from it, Lean far back and cause the chair to fall with us (Which landed Scott a Nasty slash across his ankle which was funny to see) and of course, we Used Ice cold, and I MEAN ICE COLD water and Ghosted the kids in the pool, and then we got the hose, hit the deep cold water and just started spraying the kids. One kid thought that if he hid below the water in the same spot, I'd grow tired and turn off the water. Wrong! It took him 5 deep lung fulls of air, and the water around him to change about 5 degrees before he had the idea of swimming away, but he suicks at swimming, so I had the hose on him for a good 2 minutes or so. Used the rope and a modified Flutter board with a strap through it as a surf board style and we were grinding off the diving board, ramps, and ladders. Seeing who could go the longest. Good times. And we did this for over an hour, and we are rewarded with getting 11 bucks an hour for messing around in the pool. Gotta Love the City Of Ottawa. WOOH!

Tip of the Journal Entry: If you know a Sniper (IE: Me) is tracking you, Don't jump into the air. Just makes you for a bigger target and easier to track your head for a single shot kill.