Well I need the people that need one to post here. Don't send me a message I want you to post here. What I need to make yours is:

What image do you want? (give it to me or I'll pick for you)
What do you want the main colors to be?
What should it say?
Do you want a border?
And any thing else that you might want me to add.

I am just keeping this as a record on who I need to do cuz I keep loosing track of who I need to make one for. Don't expect me to make it right after you post, I've had a lot of HW and Drivers ED isn't helping and Finals are coming up. But during the break I'll probably be done with them the first day of break which as of now is the 20th I think but the following 3 days are half days so I might have them done sooner. Well time for HW ttyl.

Overkill you might want to post this some where on yours just in case. Like just the link.