Ok, well, as you know, I 'm going to visit my friends (kak Julia) in January. As you know, Im flying up.

As you dont know, my mother is afraid of flying. My mother is afraid, so now I have to get my dad to fly with me. WTF? Plus side is that we wont see each other until we get on plane for flight back. We will both be out of contact, as if he wont be there.

I think that she doesnt trust me with Julia. I heard her talking to my dad about how she didnt like the fact that I was "sleeping with her". Her words.

Im not technically sleeping with her, just in the house.

Now we might not be driving up for Prom 07. I was anticipating bringing hte Caddy, as I know my friends all liked it,m and it was going to be cheaper that a goddamn limo, but now it looks like we ( dad and I ) are flying up, and he's renting a luxury vehicle. No limo.

If there is no caddy, then we get a limo, dad. End of Friggin Story.