i havent done a journal in ages!

so here i go.
Over the last 3 weeks i have had moke exams, but theys will ditermin if collage will even consider letting me apply. So there was MAths, science, English and English Lit, Geog and graphics.

Maths i got a 'B' over all!!!! :D
just got to wait till the new year to find out my other results.

The shity year 8 have still been pissing me off. so on the last day of school i got another 1 round the neck, But this till they got my piont. so that made it an even better day.

my army has grown a bit bigger, But i am bringing back my old fantacy army, The tomb kings. i will post so pic's of the armys so far proberly in the next 2 or so weeks.

they were great, and with Trivium there as well, they also put on a good show, But still Iron Maiden, was great. It was truly unreal!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.