life is what most people live for but not be i live to be free and not condemed by others stupid wars and affairs, but that is what maked me, me.
this is it for me; i now that there is no future left in this ungreatful world
is what the man on the other side of the mirror wisperd to me as i stand sheding tears of pain knowing that there is some one on the other side of the phone with a smile of hatred and pain, tick tock, tick tock is the sound of there clock slowly as it begins to stop.
hatread is what i once had asleep dorment inside of me left alone like a stray puppy in the middle of the street.
all I need is for you to kick a pup like me one more last time before you awaken the beast inside of me.
and when it comes to there would be nothing left between me and you.
it is true that i am the kindist man to be around i have my moments to shine but that leaves you no right to use me as you please.
i am a man of many misteryes
but a man of my status has his levels there has only been one person who has seen me stage 5 is the last stage of my hate any further levels i try to reach would be like telling the demons of the darknies to just kill you instead of me...
atleast that is until that day i decided to fight a hopeless battle that can not be won by any loser like me....but you give me the urge to win at any means...this is me no one else can fill the empty space inside you..... you and me......only if you knew that it was you that saved me from the darkness of my heart....after the mess i made you had the balls enough to say you cared if you do show it dammit stop beeing stubern and reveal to me what lase a head of me so that way when the day comes i can see the truth behide the hatred you have for me......that is the only thing i can say coming from a man who is expected to live till the age of 25.......i am that one that every one is talking about the one who died for 10 minutes in the hospital bed but nothing happend to me when i awoke a second after they called me the tanks of god my body and brain are still 100 percent still sain.....buit it is as you said wait and see......................................................valentine

( Ahh i don't really like this one it could be better but ooh well kinda woundered off there...huh..Dam another good thought turned to shit....DAM I will....I Will.....I WILL.......IWILL...BE THE ONE TO CLAME THE FAME AT THE END OF THE DAY DAMMIT NOT YOU A****** Dam almost let it slip......)

theses are just thoughts that i had to write down lol hope you like lol well peace....
no i'm not going to die lol
and no i did not die for ten minutes it was like....well you don't need to know lol bye bye...