hey everyone!
john here!
sorry that i wasn't online for most of the day today
(i was out at the movies)

here's what got for my presents

from my wife-2 new red vs blue shirts(sarge and simmons)
from my friend Brian-a new watch
from my mom-(i was surprised that she got me it)a new paintball gun
from my friend jason-2 new shirts
from my friend Alison-the wii! (yay!)
from my friend dylan-3 new games
from my sis-season 4 dvd of red vs blue
and yes i was surprised that she gave me that
(i though it was a prank)

well i wish my friends,family,the marines a happy new halo year!
and to the marines i hope that you come back home safely!

see ya and oly oly oxen free!
john chase
oh and i'll going back to my home on Wednesday! yay!
back to my dog!