here are the contestants


you have to name the artist
1.blow me away-by breaking benjamin
2.connected-by hoobastank
3.never surrender-nile rodgers and nataraj
4.the reason-by hoobastank be loved-by papa roach
6.asleep-by godsmack
7.the great divide-scott stapp's goin' down-by yung joc
9.pretty fly (for a white guy)-by the offspring
10.why don't you get a job-by offspring
11.if it works-tokyo police club
12.cheer it on-tokyo police club good-tokyo police club
14 in my head-queens of the stone age
15little sister-queens of the stone age

there's the answers
i will put up round 7 later on
there's still no winner
both of them got a tie

see ya and oly oly oxen free!