Well Christmas was a good time. Sorry i dident update earlyer but iv been buisy hanging with my new girlfriend. For Christmas i got some books, some 30 pound free weights, an Mp3 player, and some other cool stuff. Oh and a kiss from my girlfriend. Ok on to the important stuff. My girlfriend, her name is Nicolle and shes a 17 year old exchange student from Brasil. That part really sucks because on jan 27th shes going back home but only for a year then shes moving back to Alberta. But during spring break-up when my rig is shut down im goin to Brasil to visit her so i have to learn Portuguese befor i go so that i can talk with her parents and family. Im really scared because im really falling for her and shes leaving for a year so thats gunna suck to be apart for so long but ill still go and visit her every couple of months. ill post some pics of uss later once she sends them to me.