Cheers 2 a New Year!!!!! Good bye 'o6, hello 'o7!!! This year is already shapin up 2 b a good 1. With Halo 3, Halo Wars, The Halo movie, the other Halo game comin out, God of War 2, and im sure alot of other games, its gonna b a pretty awesome year.

As for the Holidays, I hope every1 had an awesome time and got sum extremely kool gift that they wanted, i no i did!!!! Me madre got me an ipod nano, which was basically the big present, so im really glad about that, already have my songs and playlist put into it.

I also got Ghosts of Onyx as well. Im on Chapter........i forget, lol I think im at the Spartan III Gamma Company tho, at first all the different companies confused me, so i had 2 look at the beginngin of Chapters to llok at dates and what, i was rly confused....then i got it all sorted out.

As for Gears of War, i put Insane difficulty into its place, beat just the other day by myself, not co-op, so thats a major accomplishment on my part, lol. I seriously cant wait for GoW 2 to come out (i hope) Otherwise im back on the Comp playin sum Halo PC, otherwise ive been over 2 a freinds house and we system link for Halo 2, but i still dont have Live, lol kinda sux, but owell

Hope yall had a great back from school as well, and ill cya around. ^_^