if anybody else asks me if my sister is hot, im gonna go jackie chan on their ass!!!!!!!!! if i find a pic that happens to contain her i might post it... depends what i got in return *looking at hot females on my friends list*
i got my old keyboard off the ancient windows 95 computer... this thing is fucking massive and heavy and has the noisiest fucking keys on it ever
looks like i may be going court some day soon if a company doesnt give me my money back (and i have threatened them with legal action)
upon the night of the 31st i had some £5.15 credit on my phone (an old phone that only has polyphonic ringtone capabilities) and i got a message thanking me for purchasing adult videos i have been billed to find i then had 15pence credit left so i was like WTF!? i have the intarwebs for porn and my phone has no video capabilities... so i though fuck it topped my phone up yesterday with £10, 3 minutes later "you have been billed for adult videos" i reply with "what fucking videos, stop this shit" 2 minutes later "you have been billed" back to 15p credit within 5 minutes... i rand my service provider, they blocked the number, gave me a contact number for the company and £5 as a good will gesture
so i rang up this company and to my annoyance they were an off shore answering desk in india angry.png so i demanded a full refund, deleting of my number from their records or there will be legal action to which she replied "we will have to have a meeting over this, you may have your money back by the end of the month" i said ill have it back by the end of the week or else there will be legal action anyways...

fucking pricks... what a good start to 2007