i begun working on them resolutions i mentioned yesterday, yesterday! / early this morning
i decided to not sleep last night, i went bed about 2:15am, watched a couple episodes of the simpsons, wanted to have a crack at my guitar but as it was 3am i thought it best not to, so i dug around the pit i call a room for my weights and used them for a couple hours (with short breaks, hell i aint superman) then relaxed for an hour before having a bath and going to my course
first day back on my course and despite the fact we were told to work, about 7 of us sat around chatting, got a good little conversation going about GoW ( very good considering the people on this course are the people who love sony products) and then got to leave an hour early
on my walk home i got a chunk of a car bumper smashed into me, when i was crossing the road at a roundabout there was a car stationary waiting for its chance to get in, i began to cross when another car came speeding behind it, compacted the back of the first car which caused bumpers etc to shatter and fly, and my leg took a huge chunk of bumper, leaving a rather nasty red mark
oh well home now, just had a nice tuna-mayo sandwich with a pint of milk for lunch, no breakfast

i dont usually do this (as ive never been in one of these before) but please vote for me here, if you do, thanks muchly