Well my family and I braved the blizzard here in Colorado last friday to go to the Avalanche game. My mom was able to get these tickets as a promotional thing for donating blood. After she bought the tickets she was entered into a drawing where the prize was to watch warm ups for the game from the Avs penelty box. Long story short, my mom won and she let me go to the penelty box instead of her. It was quite possibly one of the coolest things I have done.

We got in the box a few minutes before warm ups started. The ice is the most beautiful ice I have ever seen, much better than that crap at CU. Adam Roach (sp?) was there. For those of you who dont know who Adam Roach is, he is the PA guy for pretty much every major sports team in Colorado. He was there and he was complaining the whole time about how he had to risk his life and come out in the blizzard for the hockey game.

Finally the players came out for warm ups. I was super impressed. The speed of the game goes way up just from moving from the seats to the ice level, I cant imagine actually watching the game from the penelty box. Antti Laaksonen scared the crap out of me. I was leaning in toward the glass but I had my head turned looking at the net, I didnt see Laaksonen coming across center ice far boards to near and take a wrister that hit the glass right where my head was leaving a ring of snow on the glass.

I took a ton of pictures and I will put up the best ones after I brighten them up a bit, which may be a week or two.

For the update, not much going on. School sucks sometimes, RA sucks sometimes, but I am getting through it. Playing as much hockey as I can, I decided that drop in hockey, away from CU is much better than at CU. At CU my best drop in day probably has 2 or 3 goals, but in two drop ins away from CU (one at DU, one at the local rink) I came away with a 4 goal night and a 5 goal night. Granted it is drop in and not an actual game, but for a kid that just started skating 2 years ago, with no instruction and learning on my own, I think that is pretty good.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I have not been doing much other than sleeping, shoveling snow, and playing Dead Rising.

My Dad took me to The Buckhorn Exchange last night for my 21st birthday dinner, even though my birthday was nearly a month ago. Its the greatest restaurant ever. We had rattlesnake queso dip for a starter and I had a buffalo tenderloin and an elk medalion for my main course, both probably cooked the best I have ever had. The restaurant itself is really cool its like a museum.

Today, I get my wisdom teeth taken out. All four. Tops should be fairly routine with the exception that the roots are in my sinuses. Bottom ones are going to be the problem. They are completly horizontal to the rest of my teeth. Needless to say I will be hurting for a while.

Thats about it in the life of Cybercowboy right now. I hope I didnt disappoint. Talk to you all later.