Alright, so.
Seeing as I never write in this thing anyway, I'm just going to make it into a links section of sorts.
I'll be updating it as I find newer and more awesome-packed links along the way.
Most of which will come from Vincent, probably. [YAY RANDOM AWESOME LINK TIME. He's so cool. Someone give the boy a blowjob.]
We'll start off with something personal.

My DeviantART.

Now for some webcomics. Go read them. ALL OF THEM.

Questionable Content.
Scary Go 'Round.
Chugworth Academy.
VG Cats.
Last Place Comics.
Lean On Me. (Those of you that have anything against transpeople or stuff like that shouldn't read it..)
Ctrl + Alt + Del (Oh c'mon..Who DOESN'T know CAD?!)
Stuff Sucks.
Cyanide & Happiness.
Gunnerkrig Court.
Girls With Slingshots.
Platinum Grit.
Butternut Squash.
Dominic Deegan.
Scene Language.
Sequential Art.
Shirt Ninja.
Hate Song.
Something Positive.
Devil's Panties
Friendly Hostility.
So Common, So Cheap.
Nothing Better.
The Adventures of Dr McNinja.
Apple Geeks.
No Pink Ponies.
Gone with the Blastwave. (My thanks go to nerfherder23 for this one. ^^ )
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.
El Goonish Shive.
Bite Me.
8-Bit Theatre.
Dueling Analogs.
The Perry Bible Fellowship.
Sore Thumbs.
Least I Could Do.
Lucid TV.
Two Kinds.
Marry Me.
Magnetic North.
Something Happens.
God Mode.
Sorcery 101.
Looking For Group.
Wapsi Square.
Left-Handed Toons.
The Warehouse.
Cool Cat Studio.
Khaos Komix
Men In Hats.
Penny & Aggie.
No Rest For The Wicked.
Out There.

Assorted cool stuff.

Email!! (A Newgrounds thing..So awesome, heh.)
RAR Host. (Free .rar file hosting site. Works brilliantly.)
John Titor.
I love egg.
Kingdom of Loathing
God Hates Goths. (This isn't actually "cool" exactly...It kinda makes me wanna cry, because there's most likely a whole bunch of religious bigots out there that actually believe this shit. Hopefully not though. I'm glad that all the religious people I know are sane. Oh, and it's satire/parody. For anybody who doesn't read fine print~)
Bug Me Not. (Disposable email addresses/shared logins for restricted sites/etc)
Kingdom of Loathing. (Greeaatt game.)
I Can Has Cheezburger?
Wowio. (In