Well, havent been on and not sure when i will again cause of some major stuff with my dad but anyway. went partying yesterday and got real drunk and i feel bad cause i put Anthony's hand on my tit and i feel so wierd abouyt it. I didnt mean too..lol. I kept touching him i guess and he was like Whoa.. he wasnt really drunk so yeah.. i love how im in denial when i drink.. theyll be like.. your drunk and ill keep saying im not..lol.. We all wetn four wheelin today and got soaked...Oh yeah, im a burnette now.. ill get pics up soon.. took 60 pics at the party so yeah..lol.. im supposed to see Aaron today and will be pissed if i cant..lol..well i have so much more to tell you but i have to attend to my friends..lol so ill tell u all later..lol.. were going to smoke weed later, it will be my first time YAY!!!!!!! smiley0.gif