I was walking down Granville- and I was, in truth, a little zoned out- today when a group of what appeared to be homeless or down on their luck people turned on me. They followed me a ways, with the leader screaming, "You bitch! You're covering your ears to the cries of life on the street!"

I was surprised; yes, I was in fact wearing headphones, but at the time in question, I was just using them as earmuffs because the weather's been a bit snappy here as of late. I didn't actually get a chance to formulate a reply- in fact, a couple of business men stepped in between us and the instigators melted back off into the crowd.

What does one say to that? I am certainly not cruel to the destitute- on numerous occasions I have given out money, food, and the gloves off my hands. To be marked as someone who is blind to the realities of city inequalites is fairly inaccurate, as I keenly believe that one misstep is all that separates myself or anyone else from a similar lifestyle.

I found it interesting that my apparent use of personal electonics denotes- in the eyes of some- that I am practicing escapism on the scale of our entire reality. But sitting in the library today, I thought about where those ideas might come from... and when you break it down, it's not all that far fetched.

Digital technology has evolved beyond the "global village"- we're living in a never ending cube farm. There are few places in the world we can't reach with an email- our music, our entertainment, our social interaction is all on demand. We shop, bank, love and live within the confines of the net, which compensates by creating an illusion of limitlessness. Perhaps there is a chance that lost in our little iworlds, we've shortened the distance and time we've always known as necessary to life to so small a gap that we've lost the real space between ourselves and others.

I don't feel like I've lost touch with temporality; I enjoy long walks, pointless drives, and close, tangible social interaction with others. But perhaps there's something here- the social inequalities brought on by our technology are not lessened....they're actually more efficient. How easy it must be to slip on your headphones and ignore the unkempt malodorous stranger who prophecies the apocalypse in the flickering street light outside the trashy night club. Our ideas of racism, classism, bigotry- it's all facilitated by technology. It feels like we're reliving the societal ideals of the 1920s... does this mean that there is another depression in our near future?

I think a lot about this sort of thing (not only because it's part of my field of study) because I experience it on a daily basis. I'm just waiting to go to lecture because I'm early and I thought I might share a little glimpse of the nonsense that goes on inside my head when I'm not all "ORLY?"

Feel free to ignore, though I wouldn't mind chitty chatting with you about it.