and im a waste of space smiley1.gif
Feel quite empty atm smiley2.gifsmiley2.gif

Once apon a time life felt a bit strange for me... everything was happening.. in family life smiley2.gif and just other genral things... But i met a guy smiley1.gif A guy i fell madly in love with, i wanted to talk to him all the time, i wanted to see him, i couldnt get enough of him smiley0.gif . He made my life perfect smiley1.gif
If anything went wrong he was there for me smiley1.gif i felt so amazing with him! self confidence went alot higher smiley1.gif He gave it all to me, confidence in myself, happyness, a feeling that id never be alone... that i would always have him by my side... ready to catch me ...

Dont get caught up in what you think is a story tale... cause when it goes downhill.... it'll b the worse time of you life.
Say good bye to self confidence smiley1.gif

Life can really bite you up the ass... i guess i should have seen it coming... Couldnt stay perfect all the time smiley2.gif