I've decided that I'm going to start a random rp thingy!!!!!

Everyone is invited to join it so just post right on the journal and tell a little bit about your character and stuff okay!!!!!

It takes place in a random old Boarding School(Takisho High school) in a big city!!!(lets make the city Tokyo,Japan)

Character Profile:
Name:(Name your charecter)
Age:(Resonanle age)
Grade:(9-12th only)
Interests:(things you like to do)
Grades:(Average,below average,above average)

Name:(your namey thing)
Sex:(Male or Female)
What grade you teach:
what you teach:
Interests:(What you like to do)

Name:Ruki Namine
Interests:Loves to sing and play the guitar,and shopping,and dating
Grades:Below Average(She dosn't try much)
Apperance:70.jpg (this is what she looks like but without the elf ears)
now get started and have fun!!!!!