To follow up on Lost Planet, Spyton continued to play it last night and through today. I couldn't sit and watch it all as it set off my vestibular thing a bit, but I could tell he was having fun. And it is the first game I've seen where the gameplay looked as good as the cutscenes, some of which you can see in the "webisodes" section at the official website. Meanwhile, I decided to actually dedicate a few hours to getting my night elf to level 58 so I could look around the new area on the expansion pack.

...and after 5 minutes I was like, "Let's go". smiley8.gif<--name that quote

The best thing about the EP, in my opinion, is that finally they made one species where the male characters aren't hideously deformed in some way but actually rather...teh sexy. The new male Alliance characters (the "Draenei") give me the creeps (seriously, wtf is that?), but the blood elf males are actually very aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, come on, let's be honest. If you are going to dedicate hours and hours of gameplay to watching the back of your little character run around, you at least want it to look nice.

I know a lot of guys have female characters on WoW because they'd rather look at a girl's butt running around than a guy's. There's nothing wrong with that. It's human nature to want to look at something pretty. That's why I picked a toothsome girl night elf. Because she's pretty.

Yeah, my night elf is pretty. But she's not as pretty as Ruark, my tantalizing but evil little blood elf paladin. So sue me, I've decided to switch teams and have a boy character. Come on, this is nicer to look at than that freaky blue guy with the goat feet and rat tail:


Mmm. smiley8.gif Too bad the blood elves have to be such jerks. No, we can't have beautiful male heroes on WoW. I think that Blizzard hates female gamers. Or at least has some issues.


The only drawback is that Spyton insisted on making "the hottest female blood elf ever" (for the reasons listed above) and so now it is going to be really awkward explaining to people that I'm his mom when we run around questing together as two seductive elves, slinking around in our sultry wardrobe giving off +5 charisma with our Evil Pants of Lusciousness and Salacious Spaulders of Arousal.

Yeah. Kinda creepy. Disturbing even.

EDIT: Actually, Spyton and I decided it was, in fact, too creepy, and so he started a hottie blood elf on a different server. It was just too weird. LOL.

In fact, as I type this, a level 60+ night elf was over ganking (unfairly killing) some lowbie blood elves but they stopped her by all ripping off their clothes and dancing around like Britney Spears and Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not kidding. Now the night elf is standing there dumbfounded. It is a bizarre, vaguely titillating, but surreal sight.

Very surreal. But better than watching Christians being torn apart by lions, so I'm all for it.

I'm not sure if this is the kind of behaviour Jack Thompson and others of his ilk would want to see going on. I mean, not publicly.


PS: If anyone knows why I always name my male characters Ruark, I will give them 10 mod points.

PPS: Don't forget about tomorrow night's filming. And remember you have to behave and take direction so we can all be done in an hour to watch the pilot for the Harry Dresden Files that will be on before Battlestar Galactica tomorrow (Sunday)... who knows if it will be any good? The books were wonderful.

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