Hey every1, its been awhile ino (again) so i figured id put a journal up.

Quik note, the story below is more for guys than girls >.>

2nite i went 2 my 1st ever hockey game, and i must say it was rly fun, even tho r team lost 2-3, they gave up all 3 goals in the 3rd period >.< so that was a major bumber. Newayz me n my 2 otehr freinds decide 2 go out 2 eat. Well i drove myself and 1 other friend, and as we were pullin out. Sum rly good lookin girls wanted 2 get out and made a few motions 2 us 2 let um out....so we did. Well we ended up followin them for about 2 blocks (kinda had 2, lots of cars) and we pull up next 2 um. My freind rolls down the window and asks um hows it goin n what not, and i got a few words in as well. Ne way they said that they were goin 2 sum, *indication we should prolly go since they told us* well we didnt follow them there, but we did run into them, but they didnt go in the there, they went into a gas station, so me n him park and walk in as well actin like we gonna buy sum shit. lol

Well they realized it was us, but we didnt say nething cause they saw us when we got out. So me n my freind follow them for who knows how fuckin long through neighborhoods n shit, i dont even think they knew were they were goin, but they kept pullin into driveways, n turnin around, and makin U-turns and a wholt bunch of other shit. Well finally they pulled into a drive way and next 2 that 1 was another 1, so we pulled in there, we roll down the window, and theyt do the same. We go 2 go say sumthin, and they just pulled ahead into the rest of the lon drive way without sayin shit. fuckin bitch move but there were other cars n shit, so we could tell it was sum kind of party, we said fuck that, we werent gonna go in.

So we took off rly pissed, cause we thought we mighta got sum, ya know. Newayz this was big enuf bitch move 2 make us go 2 our local Walgreens, buy sum eggs, and return 2 the house, and proceeded launching them into their cars n the house. Which was the best way of venting that we could think of.

After that we called it a nite, i took him home, and now im here tellin u my story......which has ended. Laterz!!