To follow up on the Elf thing: Spyton and I decided it was just too weird to run around together as two hot blood elves since I am his mom. It was kind of giving us the willies. So he moved his elf to another server where I'll have a troll or something less.... yucky.

I always get messages here at RvB telling me I am "so cool" for gaming with my son. But the flip side to that is that I am hovering around the internet. So he doesn't really have the freedom a lot of you have to do some of the stuff you do. For instance, he wouldn't be able to get a tattoo, film it being applied, and then expect me not to see it, like someone I know. I won't mention names.


In other news my sister had her first ultrasound. She is at 13 weeks so the thing relentlessly growing miracle of life inside her is now about 2.5 inches long. In fact, this is about actual size.

Freaky. On tv and movies they always talk about the wonder of bonding with your child, etc, so I would never say anything bad about being pregnant. I remember being pregnant and just being weirded out amazed that an entire creature was growing in me that would, one way or another, rip its way out spring forth and then demand a college education and braces carry on my legacy. Late in the pregnancy I'd watch my abdomen moving around as he shifted position inside... and ....EWWWWWW!!!! I would be so freaked out by thankful for this creepy precious experience.

Fortunately when he was born he did not try to eat anyone's face was healthy, and stole my last kill on Halo heart.


In other news, Sparky has a new trick where he pushes things off of tables and chairs onto the floor. It is endlessly entertaining and keeps him diverted for hours on end. So now the space bar on my wireless keyboard doesn't work, and there are only about 5 bowls left in the cupboard. He is so bad!

Oh, and here is the next HAFT.

Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
Episode 45: Playing the Odds ("La Grande Explosion")

Today's Vocabulary Words
"She gives me a woody." "She gives you the willies. The Willies!!"