Fuck, wang, bugger, shitting ass head and hole. Ugh, I've been dying to get that out. I've just gotten so good at bottling it all up most of the time, but a release is good every once in a while.

Let's go over why, shall we. My last journal went up on all three of the sites that I used for connections: here, Myspace and Facebook. I ran my question thing on all three sites and got only the one question from here. So up went the Disappointed journal, and here is the response I got

Poor Jaina....Is your brain not being probed enough? -pokes it with a stick- Does that help?

Fuck! How the hell can someone who calls themself a friend joke so easily about something that I think I wrote very seriously. I mean, this isn't something I think is very funny. I wouldn't write about it if I thought it was a laughing matter. I don't do laughing matters very often. Of course, you all know that, now don't you. So, as you can imagine, this sure as hell didn't make me very happy. Actually, I've been downright furious about the whole thing.

Well, my brain isn't really functioning right now and I have class early tomorrow. I'll probably rage more about this later. Take care!

--The odds will betray you and I will replace you.