I've played a wide range of games. From CS:S to Gears of War. From Zelda to Tomb Raider. I have never really shown much interest in any racing game other than the car creation mode on the need for speed games. Ashley lent me her NFS: MW game, and I'm hooked. I got a Cobalt for my starter car, and I'm in love with it. I beat my first blacklist member and claimed his ride too. I'm only 6% done with the game, but I love it. I've never really had the taste for it until now, and even now it's just a substitute until I get my hands on a Wii so I can play the Twilight Princess game on the bottom self of my desk. Even so, I cant wait to get all the upgrades and performance parts, slam them all into a stock car, and race it on live. It'll be fun to hear them talk trash about my wheels and then shock them when the notice i'm right with them in my crappy little blue cobalt.... smiley0.gif
PS: If any of you tell me how much fun you're having with your Wii, I'm going to Neg mod you.