So, I went to Spyton's Jazz Concert tonight, and he was extremely good. I never get to hear him as he refuses to practice unless I have headphones on or am in the shower or out of the house or behind at least two firmly shut doors.

I guess I make him nervous. (I really have to learn to listen while not juggling fire.) Go figure.

I think there will be featured tromboning in the next TaiChiKnees production. I am thinking this strongly.

Also, I am thinking of a number between 1 and 57.

We were in a good mood when we got home and he wanted to play Lost Planet (I could tell because he was singing "Wayne's World!** Wayne's World! Party on! Excellent! Woohoohoohooo!"on the way home) and I mentioned to him that I wanted to get my XBox gamer score above 1000. I figure I can get away with an extremely lame score, because of my age and maternal status, but I really needed to be at least 1000 so as to avoid mockery by other, cooler moms, who will steal my lunch money. Also, I saw Sevenar, Pixilz, LordSmurph and LeftHandedJesus were playing Galaga, and I was filled with self-loathing.

Anyway, after I played a little Galaga from XBox Live Marketplace (yes, Galaga really was that clunky and annoying back in the 1980's! What nostalgia! My carpal is dying to be tunnelled again!) Spyton got out Lost Planet and popped it in the 360 and I left the room.

A minute later I heard, "Mom! Something's wrong with the XBox!"

I came in and the green light was going around and around and around on the controller and just the central light was on on the 360. I got closer and then the light on the 360 went RED! And circled!

I never saw that before! Then I had the following conversation with my son:

ME: Sheesh, I've never seen that before.


ME: It's flashing red and circling. Maybe we should turn it--


*then follows the receding sound of footsteps going down the hall and out of the door*

ME (shouting): Okay! I'll just hurl myself on this grenade then! Be sure to pass on my DNA!

It turned out that SOMEONE had left the Gears of War disc sitting on top of the 360, blocking a few of the air vents. I popped the Lost Planet disc out and turned off the 360.

...but of course now I am worried to turn it back on. And in Spyton's defense, it did look EXACTLY like a sci-fi bomb counting down before a detonation. It even started with three red quarters and one green and then went all red. Gah!

So what does that mean? When the light turns red and circles like that? Is it safe to turn on? I don't want it to break!


Today's Vocabulary Words
carpal tunnel

** The player character in Lost Planet is named Wayne. Spyton has pointed out on numerous occasions that Wayne has a light-up crotch. And the girl in the game brings him cups of coffee in every other cut scene. Why? Always remember: He who controls the spice, controls the Universe. He who has a light-up crotch, gets a lot of coffee.